Always a drummer

I’ve been a drummer all my life. Even before I knew I was a drummer – I was a drummer. I remember being very young in Charlotte, NC, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade. I got caned by the teacher (back before corporal punishment was a no-no) for beating a rhythm on my desk during class.

Later is was school bands, garage bands – anywhere I could lay down a beat. I felt the rhythm inside me. I felt it everywhere, and I just wanted to get it out. I continued with school bands and such right through high-school but then in college just sort of let that go by the wayside.

I met my first wife in college, and married way too young. Soon children and bills took precedence, and my drumming became something forgotten. Something I used to do, but sort of grew out of. As the years flew by, and the first marriage flew away with them, I found myself in my 30’s – married to my real soul mate this time – and wanting to get back to drumming.

My wonderful wife Ginger (who is a yoga instructor, among other things and has an awesome studio in our home that you can see here: bought me a genuine goat-skin, wooden Djembe drum. I began to play again, and it was like the time had not passed. I closed my eyes, and felt the drum skin under my hands, and all the years just melted away. I was back.

Now I play for fun in a number of different places. I drum for a kirtan group called Sakshi Bhava ( and also for a local pagan folk group called Mellow Hill. When I am not drumming for them, we like to frequent other kirtan’s around the state as often as possible.

This blog is my place to let my creative self out to play. I will not be concerned about my job, about political correctness, or about anything else that might upset or offend some people. You might want to grab something to hold on to – this could be a bumpy ride!

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