Elected Idiot

I have lived in Maine almost all of my life, and I believe with all my heart that there is no better place in the world, and no place I would rather live than here. I have always been proud to be from Maine, and prouder still of the good people who live here, and proud to call myself one of them.

That is until recently. You see this past January, Maine elected an idiot for its Governor. Actually idiot is unkind. I really have no idea what his IQ is, but I can tell you that he is an uncouth, ill-mannered bully with no regard whatsoever for the sensitivities that holding the state’s highest office brings with it. His name is Paul LePage, and you may have heard of him – not just because he is the new ultra-conservative republican Governor of the great state of Maine, but because he has made a fairly steady stream of headlines since he was sworn in. Headlines that depict one verbal gaff, or insensitive comment after another.

One of his bigger gaffs since taking office, was deciding that a wall mural that had hung in one of our Department of Labor offices – a mural that had been commissioned by the government and had been hanging in that office for years, and which protrayed the proud heritage of the Maine worker – should come down. Why you ask? Because LePage decided that it was “one sided” and did not show the perspective of big business. Really?

So he had the mural torn down over the protests of thousands of Maine residents and the Arts Commission – which has since filed a law suit against our esteemed governor claiming he had no right to remove the mural in the first place. And what was the governors response when asked by a reporter how he felt about the people who opposed the removal of the mural? “What a bunch of idiots. They ought to go out and get a life. The idiots.” Seriously, that is what he said. “Idiots”.

He had seemed to want to go out of his way to anger or upset as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. One day stating that our State workers were overpaid and lazy, then the next day hiring his own daughter (with absolutely NO experience) to work on his staff for more than 150K/year – and when asked about the exorbitant salary, responded that it was “difficult to entice people from the private sector”. What??

The fact is Paul LeRage (as he has begun to be called in the local press, due to his frequent temper tantrums) simply does not have the temperament -or the intellect –  to be our governor. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he has absolutely no concept for the ‘decorum of the office’, or even frankly how to deal with people like human beings. The only glimmer of hope I see as a Mainer, is that increasingly the people of Maine – both Democrat and Republican – are beginning to see what a buffoon we have elected to our highest office.

There is even a grass-roots movement to amend Maine’s constitution to allow for a recall of our Governor. I don’t know if this effort will succeed, but I can tell you one thing – give me the petition, and I’ll sign it!

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