Welcome to my new home ~ johnnyb.me!

If you are a fan of Rhythms & Beats, you probably have noticed there have been some changes around here. The original concept for me behind starting Rhythms & Beats was to have an outlet for the musician in me. A creative place to embrace the drummer that is always lurking inside me – right under the surface.

After a while though, it became clear to me that I really wanted a place to embrace the many facets of me. Not just the drummer, but the Biker, the Father, the Techie, the Dreamer – all those things that make up “me”.

And so this is just a brief introduction to my new home. As I am Johnny Bongo, I liked the way “johnnyb.me” sort of rolled off the tongue, and it is all about me after all. And so Poof! with the new name came a new look. I’m happy with it myself. The old format was a little dark really.

And so do please keep checking back. I am working on my next real post right now. There is still a listing of any upcoming Gigs and Events above, if you want to come out and hear me drum. I’ll be updating the Quote of the Day on the right, whenever I come across a cool one.  There is a list of websites also on the right that I designed and maintain – give them a look too if you have some time to kill.

Thanks for checking in, and as always I welcome your comments!

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