Why We Should Care

I put up a post on Facebook recently that (as many of my posts do) sparked a lively discussion between my more conservative friends, and my more liberal friends. Before I go any further, I should share that post with you here:

So if Trump never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, why did he pay her $130k to not talk about it? And if he never paid her $130k, why is he now suing her for $20 million for violating their agreement – that she is not to talk about that thing… that never happened… #trumplies #impeachtrump #notmypresident

In case you have been in a cave for the past few weeks, this is centered around an affair that allegedly occurred between our President and the porn star Stormy Daniels. (Not to be confused with the other one he had with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal).

Admittedly, that is a pretty biased and slanted post against Trump, but then he is a reprehensible scumbag, so you can see where I’m coming from.

The reason I am mentioning this post here is that among the comments from my moretrump-stormy-daniels_0 conservative friends were several along the lines of “So what?” or “Who cares?”. I was frankly taken aback by this sentiment – that somehow it just shouldn’t matter that our current President is a cheating little man-whore.

But as is often the case in these circumstances, their responses made me have to think deeper on the subject. Why should it matter? More – why does it matter? My first instinct when I hear a response like this is just to sort of shake my head and sigh in frustration. But then I begin to feel some sort of obligation. A responsibility to educate those who feel like this is nothing to get upset about.

For me this comes down to character. Some might believe that we should not care about anything that happened before a person becomes President. That there is some sort of trump-and-playmateblank slate process, where nothing from their private life before being elected matters. To me there is no separation between the two. A person is who they are. A man’s actions define his character.

The real question is: Why DOESN’T it matter? When did we become so jaded to these types of scandals that (many of us at least) just don’t seem to care any more? It’s almost like this is part of El Cheeto’s grand scheme. It seems that since taking office, the shocking, head-shaking, jaw-dropping stories have been coming out to the White House so fast and furious that we (and the media) are just shell-shocked. It’s like there is just a new normal when it comes to the types of behavior we expect from our President.

A scandal so ridiculously heinous that – had it involved any other past president, the American people would be screaming for Impeachment – to Donald Trump, it’s just another Tuesday. The shocking stories Trump-1come one after another that we do not even have time to consider how horrible “this” story is, before the next story is already breaking headlines.

Look, let’s be honest here. The American people knew Trump was a misogynistic (married) womanizer who couldn’t keep his hand of other women. We know he is a guy about whom more than 20 other women have come out to the public with stories of his bad behavior. This should be nothing new to any of us. Frankly, if audio tape of Trump stating he likes to “grab (women) by the pussy” – released before the election in 2016 – was not enough to turn his supporters against him, this latest scandal certainly will not.

The truth is that we SHOULD care. We all should care. Not just because the President should be held to some sort of ‘higher standard’. Not just because nobody should be able to treat women the way he does and get away with it. Not just in fact because any other president would be held accountable.

No, we should be appalled because as Men, as Fathers and Husbands and as Human Beings we should ALL find his behavior reprehensible. As reasonable adults, we should all accept that if one woman accuses you, maybe she has a grudge. If two women accuse you, maybe they are in it together and made the whole thing up. When three, four, or five women come forward, you start to think this might have some credibility.


But when the count climbs up to TWENTY-TWO women who have come forward with similar stories of Trumps behavior – it is long past time to consider that any of this was ‘made up’.

It’s time instead that we say to all the young girls in this country that this behavior is not acceptable. That you do not have to be treated this way. It is time that we as a Nation begin at last to hold our President accountable for his actions.






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