Thank You Trump Voters


I was silent throughout the entire election process. I was not a huge fan of any of the candidates, (except Bernie in the early days, even though I knew he had no chance). In the end I voted for Hillary not because I thought she was the savior of this great nation but because given the final choice she was not Trump. For the record I think overall Obama did a decent job as our leader, so there was honestly not a lot to save us from. Mostly Hillary was just “not Trump” and the prospect of Trump sitting in the oval office was just something that I could not fathom. During the election Trump truly frightened me, but in the same way that Freddie Kruger scared us in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies – terrifying, but not real. I genuinely never thought he had the slightest chance of getting elected.

I walked into the voting booth (like a large but mostly silent percentage of the electorate I think), I held my nose, and I voted for Hillary. I knew she had flaws, but there was no way I could envision a future for this country being led by Donald J. Trump.

And then on election night, I sat there gape mouthed in shock as The Donald took the night. Even though three million MORE Americans voted for Hillary than voted for Donald, the electoral college worked its sinister voo-doo, and he was actually going to win the election. President Trump. I couldn’t even say it without feeling like I had fallen down the rabbit hole. The only way I kept my sanity after the election was to drink the Kool-Aid, and buy all the rhetoric about “we all want him to succeed”, and “Give him a chance”.

Then The Donald (known to the good people of Mexico as “El Cheeto”) proceeded to do everything we feared he would. Drain the swamp? He bussed in more alligators.  The former head of Goldman-Sachs as the head of the Treasury, A long standing vocal critic of the EPA now heads that organization (who, by the way had filed a total of 14 separate law suits against the EPA, 7 of which are still unresolved – meaning that Pruitt will be serving as both the plaintiff and defendant in those suits). A frigging neo-nazi ultra right-wing whacko in the form of Steve Bannon as his Chief Counsel, The former head of Exxon/Mobile as our new Sec. of State.

Trump has been flying his family around the world to conduct his business dealings to the tune of $15 million/month on the taxpayers dime, using his office to promote his daughters various business ventures (and condemning anyone who questions the ethics of this). He has in short gone Above and Beyond even the most dire predictions of what a Trump presidency would look like. I genuinely fear for the future of our great nation.

And so I would like to take a moment to thank all those ‘Muricans who voted for Trump. To all the disillusioned red necks, the un-employed steel workers, the farmers, the gas station attendants, the car-wash employees – basically all of the hard working, un-educated masses from Middle America, those that truly believe that Mexicans is what is wrong with this country, those who think that building a wall is going to solve all of our problems, those that feel in their hearts that affordable health care for all Americans is a terrible idea – Thank You. It is YOU we have to thank for this debacle. Trump himself said it best during the campaign, upon hearing he was polling very well among those with no advanced schooling: “I love the un-educated!”. And he should, they got him elected.

So thank you for making me tune in to the evening news every night to see what the political disaster du-jour is for the day.

Thank you on behalf of everyone who lost their home in the housing market crash, for ensuring that all of the bank reforms that were enacted after that collapse are repealed. At least Trumps cronies on Wall Street will be happy.

Thank you especially on behalf of the Planet. Now that a staunch critic of the EPA is in charge of that agency, that pesky organization will not be bothering all those hard working oil drillers and coal miners any more. Good for them.

Thank you also on behalf of school children across America. Now that Trump has installed an idiot who never went to public school a day in her life in charge of the Dept. of Education, things are sure to be all sunshine and roses for the embattled public school system of our country. I am sure as an opponent of the very concept of a public school system, she will do an excellent job in her new capacity.

Thank you also for whatever the hell is going on between Trump and Putin. Trump and his companies have vast financial dealings (both current and planned for the future) in Russia. Russia influenced the outcome of our election, and likely is responsible for putting Trump in office. Our president is compromised by his way-to-cordial relationship with a vicious dictator. So, thanks for that.

Thank you as well for showing us all that the truth doesn’t matter. That lying is how things are done. That you can say whatever you want, and as long as you keep repeating it, it will become the truth. And if the media contradicts you, just call them “fake news” and declare them the enemy. Thank you for ensuring that Americans can as of this moment not believe a single word that spews forth from their Presidents mouth. Because, well he simply does not know what it is to tell the truth. So, on behalf of the Truth, thanks for that too.

And finally, I want to thank you Trump voters for giving the world the impression that we are a nation of racist, mean-spirited, lying bullies. At least that is their perception since that is who we elected to lead us. So thanks for sealing that ‘Murican stereotype that we are all the kind of person who would vote for Donald Trump. No, really – thanks a bunch for that.

However he did it, El Cheeto got himself elected. He told lies, he hid truths (like his tax returns), he bullied and manipulated his way into the white house on a wave of disinformation and deceit. But there he is. All we can do now as decent honest Americans is remain ever vigilant for the truth. Don’t believe him just because he said it, and don’t distrust someone just because he says they lied. Stay abreast of the issues, and put pressure on your congressional and senatorial representatives to do the right thing.

And next time somebody tells you that voting in a presidential election doesn’t matter, look them in the eye and say “Are you serious?”.

3 thoughts on “Thank You Trump Voters

  1. Colleen

    Beautifully stated. Well-written. Thank you.

    I had no intention of ever giving scrotus a chance, but I really wanted to give those who voted for him a chance. My patience for that ran out about two weeks ago. I have no thank yous for them, nor tolerance of any kind for the racism and hatred they spew continuously still. I have reached done on listening to them revert immediately back to insults of someone gone, or regurgitated pablum from untrustworthy sources.

    Thank you for reminding me I am not the only biker out there that values the Earth, the Air and The Water, the Diversity of all humanity and the way in which we interact with the world.

    Thank you

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  2. Thank you for expressing so much, so well. I have been so demoralized by the rise of 45 that I haven’t been able to discuss it rationally, being just too spittin’ mad to keep my shit together for the argument. Maybe I’ll print this off and carry it with me for talking points.

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